Recently I used GoToMyPC to connect to a client’s computer, and here’s my thoughts on it.

The client created an account for me to use, so I can’t say anything about that part of the process.

Logging on was simple enough, enter the email address and a password on the GoToMyPC site. The site then asks to download a small app. You run this app, choose which computer to connect to (if there’s more than one associated with the account) and enter a password associated with that computer, and a window to the remote desktop opens.

Audio was apparently enabled by default. I was able to hear when USB devices were connected and disconnected, which was nice.

I used a terminal program and some hardware control programs, which worked normally, with hardly any lag.

In addition to the desktop, there is a menu for doing things like sending files and chatting.

The chat box works nicely. It opens a separate window on each computer, which is convenient because I could move that out of my way onto another monitor, or keep it open on top even when I had a window from my computer open over the GoToMyPC window
or had the GoToMyPC window minimized.

The file transfer works, but leaves a little to be desired. Navigating to the directories I wanted was time consuming, and it didn’t remember which directories I had recently used. It would have been helpful there had been shortcut buttons to commonly used directories such as the desktop, or customizable favorites. Or if it had popped up a standard windows file dialog.


Life Pro Tip

When someone sends you a link to a shared file (like in a Google Drive, Dropbox etc.) and you open it and are confused by the contents…  wait a minute and check the link again. There’s a good chance they uploaded a file, looked at it, realized they uploaded the wrong file, and are frantically uploading the right one.

I ♥ my linter

I love my linter.

No, really.

Like many people, I struggled with splint (the open source c linter)  for the longest time, then finally broke down and bought PC-lint.   One of my best decisions ever.

PC-lint has been so much easier to set up than splint.  Plus, there’s a plug-in to make it easy to use from within MPLAB.

Just get it.